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Great Britain: Two new applications for Johnson’s succession

The election campaign has gained momentum

New candidates are vying to succeed Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been followed by several British ministers who have entered the fray. Finance Minister Nadim Zahavi and Transport Minister Grand Shops announced their candidature on Saturday evening.

Published: 9:28 pm


Updated: 9:32 pm

Finance Secretary Nadim Zahavi and Transport Secretary Grant Shabbs are both running to succeed Boris Johnson. Zahavi announced that he wanted to bring peace to the country and stabilize the economy. Shoppes told the Sunday Times he wanted to set an emergency budget but ruled out an immediate general election.

As the “Mail on Sunday” reports, Secretary of State Liz Truss will also apply. Former Health Minister Sajid Javid is planning to file his candidacy, according to the BBC. Due to this, the election campaign has heated up. Several prominent conservative politicians, including former finance minister Rishi Sunak, had earlier filed their demands.