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Great Britain: The visa scheme failed – no one wanted to go to the UK

London. Since the launch of the Special UK Visa Scheme for Science Award winners around the world, it has been one Current report Accordingly not even an application has been received so far. “This show is a joke – it can’t be discussed seriously,” he said Andre Gaim, winner of the Nobel Prize at the University of Manchester Journal “New Scientist”.

Since May, Nobel laureates and those who have won 70 prestigious prizes have been able to apply for so-called global talent visas and obtain the right to reside in Great Britain relatively unofficially after Brexit. Home Secretary Priti Patel said such projects indicate what her country is trying to achieve with its new, point-based immigration system:

People should be given the opportunity to live and work in the UK based on their qualifications, not their origin. In addition to Nobel laureates, applications for Oscars and Grammy Awards should be given priority.

A question about the “new scientist”‘s freedom of information, however, has now revealed that no representative of this target group has applied for such a visa in the first six months. According to many scholars, working conditions in the UK are not attractive to many academics: many contracts are risky, and it It is difficult to access European financial plans after Brexit.

The UK Home Office said the Nobel laureates’ plan was one of several ways to obtain a global talent visa. “Thousands of applications” have already been received through other channels.