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Great Britain: The Royals can cheer on the chain link fence

Great Britain: The Royals can cheer on the chain link fence

During Kate and William’s trip to the Caribbean, mistakes piled up. Some circumstances are only reminiscent of the colonial period.

Look at the British capital first: will it participate or not? It has not been clear for a long time whether Queen Elizabeth II will attend her memorial service in memory of her husband Prince Philip, who died in April last year. Many Britons were overwhelmed when he appeared at Westminster Abbey Cathedral on Tuesday morning. A place that cannot be very symbolic. After all, the Queen and Prince Philip were married there. The royal baptism, coronation and funeral rites take place here. The main stage of the Westminster Abbey royal family, as described by a commentator on Tuesday, is “their theater”.

The Commonwealth is in crisis

So support for the monarchy in Great Britain, but above all the support for the Queen is still high, the Commonwealth on the other side of the island is in a crisis – and, above all, the Queen’s heart plan. Reason: William and Kate’s eight-day voyage to the Caribbean.

The pictures that came out were particularly controversial. Delighted black children had a scene where the white couple stretched out their arms – but through the high fence. And photos of Prince William standing on a Land Rover, in a military parade in crisp white uniform. Experts point out that these images are very irrelevant because they are all reminiscent of photographs of the colonial period. The verdict in the British media was catastrophic. “We must face the truth,” writes John Moyer Daily Mail. “William and Gates’ Caribbean trip was a disaster.”

Audiences insist that the couple did not really do anything different than previous royal families. But that is the problem. Because everything has changed since the Queen and Prince Philip made the same voyage in 1953 – even since their last departure in 2002. “The world is a different place,” Moyer said.

Media: The Royals should have been more sensitive on a number of things

In many parts of the world once ruled by British rule, people became more sensitive to the history of slavery and demanded compensation from the British government. Putting extra salt on the wounds of many in the Caribbean islands The Windrush scandal in 2018 Scattered. Then, in the 1970s, British citizens who came to England from the Caribbean islands were illegally deported. All of these issues should have been handled more carefully by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the British media agrees.

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So what to do? Prince William, 39, will ascend the throne after his father Charles, declaring that a simple “usual business” monarchy will not be the solution after his visit. He questioned whether he and his wife would be kings and queens of the Commonwealth in the future. “I know this tour has brought more questions about the past and the future. In Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, people have to decide that future‘Are his words. It remains to be seen whether this journey really marks the beginning of the end of the Commonwealth. But the time when the royal family would go to distant lands and be happy there certainly seems to be over.