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Great Britain raises funds for maritime security | 06/13/21

Corbis Bay (dpa-AFX) – Great Britain wants to do more to protect the world’s oceans. Ahead of the G7 summit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a fund of 500 500 million (approximately 80 580 million) on Sunday. It aims to introduce sustainable fishing practices to countries such as Ghana, Indonesia and the Pacific island states, to protect coastal systems such as mangrove forests and coral reefs and to reduce marine pollution.

“The most important thing that heads of state can do for the people is to protect the planet,” Johnson said. “There is a direct link between reducing emissions, recreating nature, creating jobs and safeguarding long-term economic growth.”

British nature filmmaker David Attenborough addresses state and government leaders on the last day of a meeting of rich democracies in Corbis Bay, southwest England. Attenborough said in a statement that the climate is warming rapidly and communities and nations are unequal. Decisions made by economically strong nations during this decade are “the most important in the history of mankind” ./Bvi / DP / zb