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Great Britain: Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

Great Britain: Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

Princess Kate has announced she has cancer. The wife of Prince William, heir to the British throne, says she's going to get one Chemotherapy.

In one CommentIn an interview recorded by the BBC with Kate Windsor, she said the disease was discovered during her surgery in January. You and Prince William Their children will need time to explain the situation.

In the video message, Kate first thanked everyone for her many well wishes after her surgery. It's been an incredibly difficult few months for the whole family, she said, but she has a wonderful team of doctors taking care of her. She is grateful for that.

The diagnosis was shocking

When he underwent abdominal surgery in January, doctors didn't think it was cancer. The surgery was also a success. Later, however, tests revealed that Kate had cancer, and her doctors prescribed chemotherapy. He is currently in the early stages of treatment.

The diagnosis was a shock, the princess said. Since then, they've needed time to process it personally and begin recovery from surgery. Above all, she needed time to explain the diagnosis to her children and reassure them that she would recover.

The public requested that Kate be given space, time and privacy as she finishes treatment. He did not disclose what type of cancer he had. His office said that there is no further information on this.

“She showed great courage”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak assured Kate of the country's support. “He has shown tremendous courage with his announcement today,” Sunak said. “I know I speak for the entire country when I wish her a speedy and full recovery, and I look forward to seeing her back in action when she's ready.”

There have been many rumors and conspiracy theories about the princess's health over the past few weeks. Sunak criticized this. Kate was treated unfairly in some media and social networks. She has the same right to privacy in health matters as everyone else, Sunak said.

Charles III praises Kate for being outspoken

King Charles III praised his “dear daughter-in-law's” frankness. Buckingham Palace said the monarch was proud of Catherine for being brave enough to speak about her illness. Both the King and Queen Camilla will continue to send their love and support to the 42-year-old and his entire family during “this difficult time”.

Also Charles III. The cancer was diagnosed in early February. It is not known what type of cancer he has.