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Great Britain plans to seriously tighten asylum law

Tight control of the country’s borders – that was the Brexit promise of the British Conservative government. Now he wants to significantly tighten his asylum policy. Activists are panicking.

Considering the number of illegal immigrants, the conservative British government wants to significantly tighten the asylum law. Home Minister Priti Patel wanted to introduce a bill on Tuesday that would include life sentences for kidnappers and reception centers for expatriates. Your department announced “the most drastic changes in the broken shelter system in decades”. This will help deport illegal immigrants quickly. Activists criticize the plans as an “anti-refugee law.” Thousands of vulnerable immigrants will be the culprits.

Illegal Migration Fighting after the Conservative British government was a priority Proxy. One of the promises when leaving the EU is to “restrict our borders”. The European union He continues to argue about a common asylum policy.

Despite increasing police restrictions, people are fleeing the French coast England. There were more than 2,000 in June. The BBC reports that this is a new monthly report.