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Great Britain plans to deploy about 100 soldiers

Great Britain plans to station about 100 soldiers on the Polish border

London / Warsaw.The British government wants to send more troops to Poland to support the country in the migration crisis on its border with Belarus. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the BBC that engineers would be sent to provide technical support. Defense Ministry sources in London said about 100 soldiers should be stopped on Friday. However, the details of the work are yet to be determined and approved by Parliament.

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After a meeting with Wallace on Thursday, Polish Defense Minister Marius Blaszczyk said Britain had suggested in early October that a company of engineers could support Polish security forces on the Belarusian border. “On November 11, a British intelligence team went to Poland, talked to our soldiers and inspected the border,” Blaszczyk said.

Soldiers to align the border

According to Blaszczak, British soldiers had to repair the border forts first, but also take care of the access roads along the border. According to the Polish Ministry of Defense, 15,000 soldiers are currently assisting the Border Guards in their mission.

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Thousands of people seeking to enter the EU illegally have been stranded on the Belarus-Poland border for days. Lukashenko, who is no longer recognized by the EU as president, has been accused of bringing in immigrants from crisis areas to the EU’s outer borders in an organized manner.

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