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Great Britain participates in the Ukraine Conference on Lugano TI

Boris Johnson has promised that Federalist President Cassis British will attend the Ukraine Rescue Conference in Lugano TI in July.

Briefly essentials

  • Boris Johnson may come to Lugano DI in Switzerland in early July.
  • He wants to attend the Ukraine Recovery Conference there, he told Khasis.
  • If personal participation does not work, he sends a high-level delegation.

Great Britain participates in the Ukraine Conference scheduled for early July in Lugano TI. Of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Is being considered according to the federal head Ignacio Casis An individual participation. This is what he said Federal Council He told the television station RSI on Thursday after meeting Johnson in London.

Johnson said he would personally attend the Ukraine reform conference or one Senior British delegation Send, so Casis.

“Ukraine Rescue Conference” in Ticino

The Fifth International Conference on Reforms in Ukraine is scheduled for July 4-5. The “Ukraine Recovery Conference” is organized in conjunction with Kyiv.

The Name of the Conference Changes caused by Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. It is set to become a conference on restructuring.

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