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Great Britain – Mini’s resignation to Prince Philip – but what really happens when the Queen dies?


Mini-dismissal of Prince Philip – but what really happens when the Queen dies?

“London Bridge is down” (“London Bridge has fallen”): With these words, the process begins, which will one day follow the Queen’s death. It is not clear what the name of the new king will be.

Picture from happy days: Prince Philip was still alive, there were fewer scandals about the royals.


Nine days of national mourning, black relations in parliament, the suspension of election campaigns in Scotland and the postponement of football games: the whole kingdom mourns the death of the Queen’s wife. “Operation London Bridge” – the code name for action required in the event of the Queen’s death – What will be the mood of the nation when it comes to implementation?

Over the years, ambassadors from several government departments, the Armed Forces, the Police and the City of London have continued to say that “this is an unavoidable event and the timing is not clear.” One thing is clear: the death of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and King Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor of Northern Ireland and the 15 member states of the Commonwealth, from Australia to Tuvalu is not only great grief but also complex maneuvers.

“London Bridge is down” is the code word for the current Prime Minister to complain about the death of Her Majesty’s private secretary Elizabeth II. This moment also marks the beginning of the new head of state’s term: “Queen is dead, long live!” According to Elizabeth’s biographer Thomas Keeling, “not a day goes by without a monarchy” – at least since 1660, not the end of the Republic of Cromwell – (“Queen is dead, king live long!”

If a very old king dies after a brief illness in the presence of a very close family, a scene familiar to royal fans of the glamorous TV series “The Crown” will recur. In television fiction, relatives kneel before George V’s eldest son David on his deathbed and kiss his hand.

In this case something like this would happen to the real King Charles – it is by no means clear whether the Prince of Wales will use his real name or ascend the throne as George VII, referring to his grandfather.

Will Charles drop the crown in favor of William?

He definitely wants to climb it, and the 72-year-old has left no doubt about it. Royal experts are speculating that grandson William, 38, is considered “excluded” from the crown grandmother. This idea not only ignores the basic principle of hereditary monarchy, but also ignores the declared needs of the young family man.

On the day of death, the Privy Council announces the name of his successor in the presence of the heir, and members of parliament swear in the new head of state. The kingdom has long been in national mourning, ending with a funeral at Westminster Abbey and the burial of the remains at Windsor Castle.

Two political questions need to be clarified at this point: Are the British satisfied with Queen Camila? More importantly: Do some of the 15 states, headed by Elizabeth II, want to use their time of death to cut off from the homeland? New Zealand has plans for this, for example, with some members of the smaller Caribbean Commonwealth.

Life of Prince Phillips in pictures:

Prince Philip, the Queen’s loyal companion, has died at the age of 99.

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