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Great Britain issues final warning to France on fishing issue

IGreat Britain now has a stake in the fisheries dispute with France Ultimatum Gave the pose. “The issue must be resolved within the next 48 hours,” British Foreign Secretary Liz Drew told the Sky News Channel on Monday. Otherwise, the dispute settlement mechanism agreed in the London Brexit agreement will prompt you to seek compensation. “Stop threatening British fishing boats. Stop threatening canal ports. Accept that we have every right to issue fishing licenses under the Trade Agreement, ”said Truss.

Paris has accused London of punishing French fishermen who allowed them to fish in British waters. France has announced it will close some ports for British boats from this Tuesday and tighten restrictions on UK fishermen if no agreement is reached. Also, trucks are being actively monitored. London denies the allegations and threatens counter-action as a whole ME Will worry.

French President Emmanuel Macron believes the ball is on the British side. “If the British do not take significant action, action must be taken from November 2,” Macron said on Sunday evening. G-20 Summit In Rome. According to British sources, it was a few dozen French boats that were not licensed for fishing because they could not prove the required documents.

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow is not the only conflict between the UK and the EU that could cover up. In the controversy over the Brexit special rules for Northern Ireland, both sides blamed each other.