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Great Britain is very wary of Macron’s European plans

Great Britain is very wary of Macron’s European plans

British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss responded cautiously to the French proposal for a “European political community” in conjunction with the European Union.

Briefly essential

  • Truss is “satisfied” with existing European structures.

“We want to build existing and successful operating systems – G7 and The NATO“Truss told the Italian newspaper” Courier della Cera “(Friday edition).

French President Emmanuel Macron There was a co-op in early May EU Recommended in both EU-Access candidates such as Ukraine and 2020 EU The exit is owned by Great Britain. According to Macron, society “must unite the democratic European nations that are committed to the center of our values.” A similar idea was put forward in 1989 by then-French President Franois Mitterrand. However, no definite plans have emerged from this.

Truss justified his rejection of another political community in Europe with the experience of the Ukraine crisis. He told Cory: “In our response to the Russo-Ukrainian crisis, we are working well within and with the G7. EU We are working together to impose sanctions on Russia. They are involved in supplying arms to Ukraine along with other European countries.

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