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Great Britain is positioning its navy against illegal immigration on the English Channel

Great Britain is positioning its navy against illegal immigration on the English Channel

Britain wants to use the Royal Navy to fight illegal immigration on the English Channel. Financial sources for this are also being published.

Briefly essential

  • The British Channel wants to use the British Army to fight illegal immigration
  • The Royal Navy carries out border security operations.
  • Funds for boats and surveillance have been released.

In the future, Great Britain will use its navy to monitor illegal immigration into the English Channel. “As of today, the Royal Navy is taking command of the English Channel from the Border Guards.” That is what the English said Head of Government Boris Johnson In a speech on Thursday. Its purpose is to ensure that “no boat goes undetected to the United Kingdom”.

Johnson announced additional funding for boats, planes and surveillance equipment to patrol the English Channel and arrest the kidnappers. “It simply came to our notice then. If you risk the lives of others on the English Channel, you will spend your own life in prison. “

Britain is bringing asylum seekers to Rwanda

He also announced that Britain would bring asylum seekers and immigrants to Rwanda in the future. Earlier, The Government Inside Kigali on contract Gave voice. Accordingly, the small East African country should bring in asylum seekers and immigrants from Great Britain and provide them. Providing legal avenues for residence.

In 2021, the number of illegal crossing attempts from France to Great Britain via the English Channel reached new heights. It has more than 28,000 attempts. This was reported by the British news agency PA. At least 30 people and four others were killed, according to French officials Is considered missing.

For many refugees, it is an alternative to the eurodonal by sea, which has been increasingly protected in recent years. Many immigrants want to move to Great Britain because they have a family there or think it’s easy to find work there. Many of them have no access to asylum in the Schengen area.

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