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Great Britain - "If thousands of corpses pile up": the allegations of his former adviser pose a threat to Boris Johnson.

Great Britain – “If thousands of corpses pile up”: the allegations of his former adviser pose a threat to Boris Johnson.

Great Britain

‘Should bodies pile up by the thousands’: allegations by his former adviser pose a threat to Boris Johnson

“Not just a new lockdown – the bodies must pile up by the thousands”: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to grapple with grave allegations – from his former chief adviser, Dominic Cummings. And he’s already planning the next stink bomb.

The headlines couldn’t be more wild on Tuesday mornings. “Boris is on alert,” wrote the Daily Mail. The British Prime Minister is in “shabby mud”, writes “Metro”. Online newspaper i launched a new poll: 50 percent of voters see their prime minister “surrounded by stories of scandal.”

“Boris is on the verge of collapse,” wrote the Daily Mail, the British prime minister, in “mud mud,” wrote “Metro.”

“Corruption” is the magic word by which the London media summarize all kinds of suspicious developments that are just below the threshold of criminal activity or strong allegations of corruption. At Johnson, several allegations are currently mixed: recklessness toward Covid victims, unrestricted extravagance in the personal sphere and a tendency not to be particularly strict with current regulations.

Every morning, a different member of the British government has to run to the media studios in London and announce good news there. This time Therese Covey got it. The unfortunate Social Affairs Minister is bravely cheering on the new millions that British schoolchildren are supposed to inflict Covid-related deficits in their educational goals.

Did Johnson really say that?

But the mediators on television and radio just want to talk about the prime minister. Did he really say what was actually put on the front page of the usually conservative “Daily Mail” newspaper on Monday and confirmed on Tuesday by the BBC and other media: “Just there is no new lockdown – the corpses must pile up by the thousands.” Without citing a source, such a statement by Johnson was reissued from a heated Downing Street debate about the best course of action against SARS-CoV-2 last October.

The topic of the conversation is tens of thousands of pounds: the 74,000 francs Johnson and his fiancée Carrie Symonds spent on redesigning the official Downing Street apartment, in addition to the 38,000 francs permitted by the state. The money was apparently supposed to be paid through a secret fund of party donors – a plan that Johnson’s closest former adviser denounced as “stupid, immoral and possibly criminal”.

Meanwhile, Covey maintains, however, that her boss paid the extra costs out of his own pocket. He took a private loan in exchange for it, which should have been known long ago, BBC investigative reporter. She does not know anything about that. The minister replies: “I will take the words of the prime minister.”

Johnson has always considered himself special

Do the majority of Brits still do that? It is widely known that the 56-year-old has been at war with the truth for decades. Johnson’s biographers like to quote with pleasure from the assessment of a teacher at Elite Boarding School Eton: “It sincerely seems to believe that it is not too generous of us not to take him as an exception, and he is exempt from normal obligations,” Martin Hammond wrote at the time of his nearly 18-year-old student .

Motivation spans decades. Journalist Johnson was fired by the Times for a lie, as was the politician Johnson by his then-party leader Michael Howard. Reports by Brussels correspondent Johnson in the “Daily Telegraph” consist largely of fake news. London Mayor Johnson’s longtime lover received lucrative city treasury funding.

The opposition is demanding a detailed investigation

In light of the new allegations, Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer believes a “detailed investigation” is necessary, and late Monday afternoon, the opposition summoned Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove to the House of Representatives. It’s not just about the killer Covid quote, which the minister denies; The accusations against Johnson have been roaming the state of Westminster for weeks, raising doubts about the impotence of the prime minister and his ministers for corruption and a sense of responsibility.

It turns out the company that Health Secretary Matthew Hancock is involved with has won contracts from the National Health System, the NHS. Funding from government programs overwhelmingly flows to regions where the governing population elects to govern. The lobby organization, Transparency International, has expressed doubts about the proper implementation of 73 government contracts valued at 4.7 billion Swiss francs. Vacuum cleaner maker James Dyson can text the prime minister requesting tax exemptions

Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings


Johnson’s suspicion of Cummings

The fact that Dyson’s secret messages found their way to the BBC last week bothered Johnson so much that he personally contacted the editors of several newspapers and cast doubt on the alleged source: his former chief adviser and Brexit strategist Dominic Cummings, who in November left the government in place. conflict. The unemployed political advisor responded immediately and brutally: He was not the one who had acted unethically. Rather, “the prime minister and his office fall far short of the standards of efficiency and integrity that the country deserves.”

The accusations, which culminated in the citation of the alleged corpse, represent political dynamism because they remind those interested in politics the sequence of wrong decisions made by the inexperienced Johnson government in the Covid pandemic. Not once, but for the second and third time, the lockdown that was ultimately necessary was imposed too late.

The result: one of the highest death rates in Europe, one of the worst economic depression in the Western world. Only since the turn of the year, buoyed by the remarkable success of the vaccination program, does Johnson and his team of advisors seem to have struck the right balance between the necessary caution and upbeat confidence.

Dominic Cummings is already preparing the next stinking bomb against the conservative government: Within a month, he wants to provide detailed information about last year’s Coronavirus policy to the responsible committee in the House of Representatives. The performance promises high entertainment value – and an insight into the actions of Boris Johnson’s government.