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Great Britain: Facial recognition should make entry easier

Great Britain: Facial recognition should make entry easier

Electronic facial recognition is set to display passports in Great Britain in the future. British airports want to introduce eGates as early as 2024.

The British government has recently announced a significant investment in aviation to strengthen its role as a forward-looking nation. As a result, entry into British territories should be facilitated. With this, passengers will no longer need to show their passports in future Business traveler reported.

Purpose: Increased security

Biometric facial comparison technology will ensure travelers enter the UK by looking at a camera. Border Force Director General Phil Douglas talks about smart borders enabling smoother flows through facial recognition. Once the technology is tested, new locks will be introduced.

There are currently over 270 eGates in use at British railway stations and airports. These are reserved exclusively for travelers aged ten and over from Great Britain, the Schengen area or the EU. Passengers from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea can also go through eGates.

Facial comparison technology is part of the European Union's Entry and Exit System (EES). 2023 should have come into effect by the end of May. But the introduction was delayed and is now scheduled to take place on October 6, 2024. EES registers visa-free and visa-required travelers to Europe for short stays by collecting facial images and fingerprints. England is planning in this regard Ten pounds sterling or 10.80 francs will be charged.


From 2025, an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will be mandatory for entry into Great Britain. The ETA is valid for two years and is intended to replace the current Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) system.

An updated overview of entries and exits into the EU

The EU wants to digitize its entry requirements to increase security. The European Union has already moved in this direction Several years ago it planned to introduce a European Travel Information and Authorization System Published. European Travel Information and Accreditation Organization (ETIAS) aimed at the journey to the Schengen area and postponed to 2025. However, an electronic travel authorization is not a visa.

Singapore wants to make it possible to board a plane in a matter of seconds without a passport or boarding pass.

Decision on facial recognition when entering Great Britain

The United Kingdom is relying on increased security through biometric facial recognition technologies, which will be used in many train stations and airports in the near future. The new system aims to simplify and speed up processes. Although the new technology is intended to ensure greater security, the aspect of data protection must also be taken into account. It's exciting to see when real change happens.

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