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Great Britain expands research on acquisition of ARM by Nvidia

The UK Competition Authority looks at the “real issues” of competition from the merger of the two companies. The comprehensive investigation currently underway is intended to explore these concerns.

The UK government has one Extensive cartel investigation Planned to acquire ARM by Nvidia. Digital Minister Nadine Doris has instructed the Competition and Markets Commission (CMA), which is responsible for reviewing preliminary results, to determine if the $ 40 billion transaction could cause “real problems” for the competition.

During the initial investigation, the CMA considered that the connection data centers of ARM and Nvidia could negatively affect the markets for chips for IoT, automotive and gaming. “ARM specializes in global technology distribution chains and we must ensure that the impact of this transaction is fully taken into account. For competitive and national security reasons, the CMA will now report back to me and advise me on the next steps, ”Doris said.

In early October, the European Union AnnouncedAcquisition of ARM should be taken seriously. Among other things, he felt that the concessions offered by Nvidia at the initial hearing were not sufficient. Among other things, Nvidia has agreed to pursue ARM as a neutral technology supplier. Above all, it should address the concerns of ARM customers such as Qualcomm, Samsung and Apple. Other chip makers who rely on ARM support the merger of the two companies, including Broadcom, MediaTek and Marvel.

ARM makes processor designs licensed and configured by chip manufacturers – or, like Apple, further developed by them. In this context, Nvidia always insists that it does not build any CPUs and does not have its own CPU instruction packages. Nvidia does not license any intellectual property to semiconductor manufacturers. So you are not a competitor to Qualcomm, Apple or Samsung.

“Our mission is to bring engineering and technology – both companies’ R&D capabilities – to accelerate the development of technologies for the broader ARM environment. , ”Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said in September 2020.