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Great Britain eases demand for foreign truck drivers

U.S.In order to solve supply problems, Great Britain is easing the requirements for foreign truck drivers. Transport Minister Grant Shops announced the terms of Sky News on Friday, which will take effect by the end of the year, thus easing Christmas business. This will allow drivers to make more deliveries to stay in the future.

Truck drivers are currently out ME Only two collections and distributions are allowed within seven days of arrival in the UK. In the future, an unlimited number of trips will be possible within two weeks. “There will be thousands of extra truck drivers on the road,” Shops said.

The UK is currently struggling with a severe shortage of lorry drivers, leading to logistics and distribution problems across the country. Many skilled foreign workers left the country after Brexit or never returned as seasonal workers. Shops dismissed fears of trouble in the Christmas business. The UK economy is growing fast and people are “going to get their stuff for Christmas”.

There is a shortage of skilled workers in the UK in many sectors. Among other things, there are farmers without seasonal workers for the Christmas business – before Brexit, the sector relied heavily on workers from other EU countries.

On Thursday, the government announced the issuance of 800 short-term visas to foreign carnivores. Earlier, there were warnings that 150,000 pigs could be killed without entering the food chain due to labor shortages.