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Great Britain: Diverse and Conservative – WELT

Great Britain: Diverse and Conservative – WELT

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Divergent and conservative

Source: Frank Ochstein/Pool AP/dpa; Martin Lengemann

New Prime Minister Liz Truss has not given a single white person a top position in her cabinet. The government may be culturally and ethnically diverse, but it stands for conservative politics – as shown, for example, by its stance on the refugee issue.

SEven Boris Johnson’s cabinet is the most ethnically diverse the UK has ever seen. New Prime Minister Liz Truss’ personal decisions go even further. Not a single white man got a job from her.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home and Foreign Ministries are now held by Britons of Indian and African roots respectively. And eight of the 23 cabinet members are women. Let’s not forget that Truss is the country’s third female Prime Minister, and her predecessors Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May were from the Conservative Party. The Labor Party has not elected a woman leader.

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Britain is politically conservative

The new cabinet, sitting around the big oak table in Downing Street for the first time this week, may be culturally and ethnically diverse – but they do not represent left-of-centre politics. This can be seen, for example, in the positions taken by Truss’ government on the refugee issue.

Suella Braverman, daughter of a Kenyan refugee and new Home Secretary, is considering Britain’s withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights. This is due to the judgments of the Strasbourg Court, among others, which recently blocked the immigration of asylum seekers in Rwanda. Truss insisted in the party’s internal election campaign that he would implement the Rwanda Plan against all odds.

He appointed Kemi Badenoch, a politician with African roots, as education minister.Her anti-vogue stances drew the attention of friends and detractors. For example, when he publicly protested against “gender-neutral” toilets. or against the fact that the stable allocation of public funds is undermined by politically correct allocations.

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The Bank of England has had its seat on Threadneedle Street in the City of London since 1734.  This bank was established in 1694.  It has been functioning independently of the government since 1997.

Batenoch turned into one of the final rounds of the battle after Johnson in July. He became the new darling of the Tories as he cited his biography as an example of the absence of racially motivated discrimination in Great Britain.

In her opening speech on Tuesday, Badenoch’s boss took up the theme: “What makes our United Kingdom so great is our fundamental belief in freedom, entrepreneurship and fair play,” said Liz Truss. In his view, he has already implemented this commitment in terms of personnel.