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Great Britain – Court slows British deportation flight to Rwanda – News


London cancels last-minute deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda following the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights. However, the British government wants to stick to its plans.

The first flight scheduled to be deported from Great Britain to Rwanda with asylum seekers from various countries was stopped by a court shortly before departure on Tuesday evening.

The British media quoted government sources as saying that the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg had thwarted the British government’s plans by intervening. By plane, London wanted to announce the controversial Rwanda agreement, which seeks to prevent other people from preventing the Conservative government from entering the United Kingdom.

Rare intervention from Strasbourg

In particular, the European Court of Human Rights has called on Great Britain not to deport an Iraqi asylum seeker to Rwanda for the time being: the person must be deported immediately after three weeks. The final result of the current British operations.

Strasbourg demanded that the final decision on the Iraq case be reported to the European Court of Human Rights. Temporary measures are restrictive and are imposed only in the event of an immediate and immediate risk of irreparable damage.

The passenger list has shrunk to zero

British courts basically gave the plane the green light. However, many personal cases were successful, which is why the number of passengers scheduled for Tuesday evening became smaller and smaller than in the previous days. The decision was taken from Strasbourg shortly before the scheduled departure date and the flight was canceled as the number of people leaving the country dropped to zero.

What does the Johnson management want to do?

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The British government wants to prevent others from entering Great Britain via the English Channel, with deportation flights to Rwanda for asylum seekers who have entered the country illegally. However, since the deportation plan was announced in April, 3,500 people have crossed the canal into Britain – more than the same period a year ago. “But the move is definitely part of Boris Johnson’s survival strategy,” said SRF correspondent Patrick Wulser. Above all, it is his Brexit promise to bring immigration under control.

Criticizes the London intervention

Despite failing in court, the British government wants to stick to its plans. “We will not be deterred from doing the right thing and protecting the borders of our nation,” Home Secretary Priti Patel said in the first statement. They are already preparing for the next flight.

“I was disappointed that last-minute lawsuits and lawsuits prevented today’s flight from taking off,” Patel added. It is very surprising that the European Court of Human Rights has intervened after the British courts had earlier given a different verdict.

Not returning to the UK

Britain has signed an agreement with Rwanda in an effort to prevent illegal immigration. Those who have entered Britain illegally, regardless of their country or country of origin, should be brought into the country and given the opportunity to apply for asylum there. Even if they are recognized as refugees there, they should never return to Great Britain.

The United Nations sees this as a violation of international law and a dangerous precedent. The European Court of Human Rights, located in Strasbourg, France, is part of the Council of Europe. Independent organizations from the European Union are working together to protect human rights in the 46 member states.

Why Rwanda?

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Rwanda experienced genocide in 1994, killing hundreds of thousands of people. That’s why people there know how important a safe haven is, says journalist Pettina Rule. She lives in Nairobi. Critics, on the other hand, complain that Rwanda seeks only political recognition from abroad. Rühl adds: “For dictatorial Rwanda, this is a wonderful PR victory.” The country has been repeatedly criticized for its human rights status and creates refugees, but now it can suddenly present itself as a refugee refugee. However: Rwanda is one of the most populous countries in Africa – for this reason alone it does not seem appropriate to take more asylum seekers from Europe.