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Great Britain celebrates victory against Belarus

Lesotho: ca. 1 minute

The British won Group A. 4: 3 against Belarus (1: 0, 2: 1, 1: 2). The outsider was even in the lead at 4-1. Liam Kirk (2), Ben Davis and Mike Hammond scored the winning runs. Goals for Belarus were scored by Vladislav Godola, Jeff Flat and Shane Prince.

Denmark kept the match against the Russian Olympic Committee open for a long time, but won 3-0 (0-0, 1-0, 2-0). However, Ivan Morozov took the lead just 42 seconds before the second break. Other victories include Alexander Barapanov and Dmitry Voronkov. The Russians beat Slovakia by points, however, and played less than a game. Switzerland and Denmark follow. The English are currently in fifth place.

In Group B Canada won its first match against Norway 4: 2 (2: 0, 1: 2, 1: 0). However, after Connor Brown and Adam Henrik took a 2-0 lead, Norway initially equalized with Thomas Walkway Olsen and Mates Roselli Olsen. But Andrew Mangiaben and again Henrik made everything clear. Germany is still in first place, but could be overtaken by Latvia and Finland.