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Great Britain: Boris Johnson’s former adviser attacked

According to a former chief adviser to Boris Johnson, tens of thousands of British people have died unnecessarily from the epidemic as a result of the government’s severe defeat. Nonetheless, it is questionable whether the allegations will do lasting damage to Johnson, especially as Cummings’ credibility has been damaged.

Dominic Cummings launched an unprecedented offensive against Paris Johnson and his administration before a parliamentary commission.

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Dominic Cummings has been one of the most colorful figures in British politics in recent years. The adviser was considered the mastermind of the EU opposition in the Brexit referendum in 2016 and then pulled the strings as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief strategist on Downing Street, who fled after an argument with Johnson’s girlfriend Gary Symonds last December. On Wednesday, the government bubble in London was again subject to Cummings’ spelling, who spoke to the House of Commons panel on fighting an epidemic in 2020. The marathon session was like a general calculation, in which Cummings compared Prime Minister Johnson to an “unregulated shopping cart”, called for the resignation of Health Secretary Matt Hancock, and identified incompetence and confusion throughout the administration.