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Great Britain: Boris Johnson has built a new primary

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson Following Brexit, the United Kingdom announced the construction of a new “national priority” to pursue its foreign and trade policy interests. Among other things, as Johnson said Saturday, high-level trade talks and political summits will take place on board.

According to Downing Street, construction of the ship will begin next year and will last about five years, after which it will operate for about 30 years. A name has not yet been selected. Conservative MPs are pushing for the name of Prince Philip, the recently deceased husband of Queen Elizabeth II. The cost is believed to be around $ 200 million.

For the first time since 1997, Great Britain is set to regain national prominence. At that time the Royal Boat நிறுத்த Britannia oc stopped, after which he was anchored as a museum ship in Scotland.

Johnson: “Large, Free Maritime Trade Country”

However, Johnson stressed that the role of the new ship would be significantly different from its predecessors. The new ship will “reflect the growing position of being a large, independent maritime trading nation” and “a clear and strong sign of our determination to remain an active player on the world stage.”

Great Britain officially left the EU in January 2020. Earlier this year, the United Kingdom withdrew from the Commonwealth and Customs Union. London is currently in talks with a number of countries on futures trade deals. Johnson has repeatedly insisted that Britain could decide its own trade policy after Brexit. In addition, the government is arming the military and wants to become the next leading naval force after the United States. However, important trade talks are currently stalled, for example with the United States, but also with Norway and Australia.