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Great Britain also wants to ban “conversion therapy” for transgender people

The UK government wants to ban conversion therapy in a draft law. It should also protect transgender people.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Great Britain wants to ban conversion therapy in a draft law.
  • It should also provide protection to transgenders.

The British Government The proposed draft law also wants to change so-called alternative therapies Sexual identity Ban on targeting transgender people.

Culture Minister Michael Donnellan said the draft ban on so-called conversion therapies in England and Wales would “protect everyone, including those targeted because of their sexuality or their transsexuality”.

Accordingly, the draft should be released soon, but Donelan did not provide a specific date. So-called conversion therapies aim to specifically change the sexual orientation of “patients”.

Activists have welcomed the announcement that transgender people will be included in a bill to ban conversion therapy. LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. The British Government So far there has been adoption of such Act Long overdue, it tried to exclude transgender people from it.

However, Culture Secretary Donnellan has said this Law “Parents or doctors” should not prevent “legitimate conversations” about “gender issues” between children or youth.

A siege was declared

Monday, British Government Controversial Scottish Judiciary has announced it will block reform Recognition of gender reassignment To facilitate.

Alistair Jack, Scotland’s minister, said he feared it would undermine gender equality legislation across the UK. This threatens legal trouble between London and Edinburgh.

In Germany, transplants are banned from 2020. Violation is punishable with imprisonment up to one year.

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