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Graz gets Ivica-Osim-Platz and Grete-Schurz-Platz


An official decision on the renaming of the stadium’s forecourt to Ivica-Osim-Platz announced by the City of Graz will be made on Thursday at the Graz Municipal Council. In addition, a plaza named after Great Shores was established in honor of women’s political pioneer Great Shores.

Coach icon Ivica Osim, who passed away on May 1, 2022, made her mark in the city of Graz as a sport and as a human being – and in recognition of her merits, she has now been given his ‘place’ directly in front of the Graz Mercure Stadium. .

At Osim’s workplace

Presenting the plan in September, Graz Mayor Elke Kahr (KPÖ) said: “We would like to rename the forecourt of the stadium – here, where his workplace was – to Ivica-Osim-Platz and at the same time have it here, where one of his famous and important quotes was inscribed. “.

The quote reads: “A clash of civilizations? Normally, cultures don’t fight. That’s why they are cultures. Because they don’t wage wars.” At the time, Kahre Osim, who died at the age of 80, was hailed as “a role model for many people”: “In countless conversations, he always maintained an attitude marked by respect and solidarity.”—more on this in Graz wants to name a place After Ivica Osim (19.9.2022)

The place is dedicated to honoring the achievements of women

In the new Reininghaus district of Graz, a square will also bear the name of Great Shores, the representative of women, who also passed away last year – Great Shores passed away (November 11, 2022). Schurz was the city’s seal of honor and was also immortalized in the groundbreaking exhibition at Graz City Hall.


Greta Shores

“I have known the Great Shores since I was a girl. I still remember her boisterous and demanding manner well, with which she was able to move and change many things in Graz. As the first representative of women in Graz, Graz deputy mayor and political officer Judith Schwentner (Greens) said. She was an important, energetic voice and an important driving force for women in our city. Squire Now Mayor Kahr added: “Great Shores started and implemented many things that we take for granted in Graz today. We owe her a lot.”

Ring of Honor for Bruce Wenworth ==

Furthermore, prior to the town council meeting, the performance artist, painter and writer Gunther Pruss as well as the composer and author Olga Neuwirth were awarded the Order of Honor of the City of Graz.