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Graphics cards appear with delays

Intel removes the mention of the first quarter 1 minute. read

News / Ariane Krasniki
Photo: Intel

Unfortunately, CES 2022 didn’t give us any new information about Intel Arc products. The manufacturer has now also removed all notices related to the publication in the first quarter of the year from the official website.

new intel Arc . graphics cards It is likely not to be published in the first quarter of 2022, as previously assumed, at which production is delayed. TSMC’s 6nm Manufacturing Process You must be responsible. Unlike other products from the manufacturer, Alchemist GPUs are not produced in-house, which means that capabilities must be shared with other manufacturers. At least that’s what a report on the site says semi-accurate appeared.

Photo: Intel

This assumption was confirmed by Official Website for bow products. A few days ago, Intel removed any mention of the release period in the first quarter and is now only canceling GPUs for the year 2022 employment. already in those This period is mentioned only in connection with some laptop models, but not for desktop products. In general, the manufacturer said little about the new graphics chips at the event, but did talk about the start of deliveries to OEM partners. Only Acer has a press release with A370M قوس bracket First mentioned identical product. So this must be in Acer Swift X 12 and 16 as a substitute for GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Uses.

Photo: Intel

It remains to be seen when the completely new GPUs will appear. Although postponed, there are already some details and pictures of the reference design of the two desktop graphics cards appeared in advance. Among other things, the cards must reach the performance level of the GeForce RTX 3070 and rely on two different GPU chips. At this time, the second quarter was also talked about as the publishing period, which should now look more realistic again.


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