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Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.11 veröffentlicht – 1-Stunden-Rennen, zusätzliche Credits und mehr

Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.11 released

Update 1.11 has been released for Gran Turismo 7. The extensive change fully reveals what is changing with it, which promises, among other things, an increased credit distribution.

Polyphony Digital has released update 1.11 for Gran Turismo 7. Among other things, it makes changes to payments and offers hour-long races.

For example, the number of bonuses for events in the Global Arena has increased, which applies at least to the second half of the Global Arena. New racing events have also been added to the global circuit. This includes:

  • World Touring Car 600 Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise
  • 700 world tour car 24 Heures du Mans
  • Touring car around the world 800 Sardinia circuit A

You can also look to distribute a modified credit elsewhere. The Arcade Race and Custom Race awards have been modified.

With update 1.11, Gran Turismo 7 offers rewards for completing all track layouts with Gold or Bronze results in the Arena Trial. If you have already achieved these results, entering the sector selection screen and exiting with the exit button will give you the reward.

Other changes and improvements affect Sports Mode. In it, the number of bonuses in daily lobbies and races has been increased. Also fixed an issue where players could not switch to the spectator cam while participating in a race in the lobby. Additional changes to this mode are listed in the changelog linked below.

1 hour mission race

It’s also worth taking a look at the missions after the Gran Turismo 7 update. Human comics have been added, which added hour-long endurance races. You can access it from level 23 collector. There are up to 1.2 million balls per endurance race. for each event.

There were other changes to the missions. Race information such as starting grid, number of laps or time limit, starting method, etc. will now be displayed in the Quick Menu for the quest race event. Best times for specific events Time and friendship logs are saved in a format [Rang/Rundenzahl] Make it visible.

Another change in Gran Turismo 7 1.11 update is the increase in the maximum account balance. The maximum credits earned in the game has been raised to 100 million kroner. New Invitations you receive in the future will have a time limit of 30 days instead of 14 days.

And at the dealership, used and legendary vehicles, you can expect even more synchronized cars in the future.

That wasn’t all. The Full changelog of update 1.11 of “Gran Turismo 7” It describes many other improvements and improvements.

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Gran Turismo 7 was released on March 4, 2022 for PS5 and PS4. If you want to know more about racing game, then you will do it in News overview of “Gran Turismo 7” look for it. You can also discuss the racing game in Gran Turismo Forum.

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