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GPS Delegates Meeting – Glattly Wants to Lead Green Party to Third Place in Election Year News


The head of GPS assured delegates that 2023 is the key year for climate, biodiversity and green solutions.

President Balthazar Glattly recalled successes in canton Geneva, where the Greens became the strongest party in four years – with a share of the vote around 25 percent. Geneva is an example for all other cantons.

So he is very happy to open the election year in Geneva and to great success: with climate protection law as an indirect counterproposal to the Glacier Initiative. The party declared this to be “the most important climate policy vote of the decade” and “a milestone in Swiss climate policy”.


Green President Balthasar Glättli blasted the delegates in Geneva that the senior vice president wanted to turn the climate protection law into a “law on energy waste” with the referendum.

Keystone / Salvatore De Nolfi

Delegates unanimously said yes to the Climate Protection Act. The law calls for concrete plans to reduce CO₂ and will have immediate effects once it goes into effect after the referendum. However, the goal has not yet been reached, according to Glatley.

The Greens wanted to “do everything they can to win the vote”. And the momentum of that vote should then be used for the finish line, the 2023 election. Fortunately, there are solutions for a greener future. Only political majorities were missing.

The target: the third most powerful force in Switzerland

Glatley called 2023 a key year for climate, biodiversity and green solutions: “Our house is on fire.” It’s time to put out this fire. “We know how: save energy, harness fossil energy, and build solar,” Glatley said. Therefore, the Green Party must be strengthened again as a party in the elections. As a goal, he states that he wants to become the third most powerful force in Switzerland.

What about a seat in the Bundesrat?

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Balthazar Glattly shakes hands with State Assemblywoman Lisa Mazoni at the delegates’ meeting.

KEYSTONE / Salvatore De Nolf

With the clearly formulated electoral goal of becoming the third most powerful political force in the country in the fall, the Greens are still seeking a seat on the Federal Council. This was not a problem at the DV in Geneva, but with Mr. Alain Berset, an ailing member of the German Federal Council, a new constellation may appear sooner than expected.

However, in principle, many of the party’s advocates have stated to the FRF that the Greens will not attack any PS seats in the current legislature. Because SP is an ally and partner on many issues that you don’t want to lose. That’s the deal. President Balthasar Glatli had already said this when Federal Chancellor SP Simonetta Sommaruga announced his resignation.

When asked about Berset’s possible resignation before the election, Glatley did not reply: “We could have had a bicycle chain. I don’t answer hypothetical questions.” At the same time, the head of the GPS confirmed that his party had reached the rank of large parties. “As long as we play in this league, we will also firmly represent the right to a seat in the Federal Council.”

Moreover, the majority of delegates spoke in favor of launching the so-called Europe initiative with the civil society coalition made up of Operation Libero, La Suisse en Europe, Suisseculture, Volt Switzerland and the Association of Swiss Student Union VSS.

The initiative aims to oblige the Federal Council to start negotiations with the European Union immediately. In addition, it ensures the protection of wages by enshrining the principle of accompanying measures in the constitution, says National Counselor Sibel Arslan (BS).

New Secretary General: Rachel Esterman

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Green Party delegates elected Rachel Esterman as new general secretary in Geneva on Saturday. The Lucerne Cantonal Chancellor takes over from Florian Irmiger, who has retired after three years in the position.