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GP Imola: Formula 1 driver helps clean up after flood disaster

GP Imola: Formula 1 driver helps clean up after flood disaster

GP Imola

“Others are sitting in private planes” – a Formula 1 pilot helps clean up after a flood disaster

The Grand Prix at Imola had to be canceled due to the storm in Italy. The Formula 1 driver has never made any progress.


It didn’t go any further: Formula 1 driver Nyck de Vries witnessed the storm on Tuesday.


  • Formula 1 GP at Imola has been cancelled.

  • The pilot had to sleep in an entire hotel because of the storm. Another assisted with cleaning work on site.

  • Fans are disappointed, but they understand.

“Imagine welcoming so many fans into a devastated environment was an affront to common sense.” These words came from Stefano Domenicali, President of Formula 1. He explained the cancellation of the Formula 1 race at Imola this weekend due to the storm in northern Italy.

Pictures of Formula 1 driver Nyck de Vries show there was no alternative. He was on his way to the AlphaTauri site on Tuesday when the road flooded. The Dutchman no longer showed up to his hotel and was forced to stay in a motel that was already sold out. A colleague from McLaren let him sleep in his room.

Tsunoda helps clean up

“The next morning, the hotel lobby was converted into emergency accommodation for people who had to flee their homes at night,” said the Dutchman, who eventually returned home after a long detour. The 28-year-old thanked everyone who helped him. “My thoughts are with those who are still affected by this tragedy,” he added.

Yuki Tsunoda, de Vries’ teammate, immediately got himself down to it. Pictures show that it helps with cleaning work with a shovel. Images of the Japanese pilot are now widely circulated – Tsunoda is being celebrated outside the F1 fan scene. “While the other drivers are already back in their private jets, Tsunoda is helping out on site – pure class” or “Yuki should automatically be declared the winner of the 2023 Imola race for this are the responses on social media.

A huge disappointment for the fans

160,000 people were expected to attend the race this weekend – one of them being 20 Minutes reader Jörg Wilczek. He and his son wanted to fly to Italy on Thursday night, but nothing happened. The race was a gift. “Formula 1 racing has been at the top of my bucket list for a long time. The biggest disappointment.”

The company from which the father-son team purchased the ticket was already offering replacement tickets for other races. But the 62-year-old cannot visit any other race site this year. “The dates are very inconvenient. It’s a pity, but there’s nothing you can do. In total, they spent 1,900 francs. The extent of the financial damage is not clear at the moment. Wilczyk is optimistic: “Fortunately, I have good insurance,” Wilczek said.

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