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Gottschalk invites you to basket “Wetten, dass…?”

Gottschalk invites you to basket “Wetten, dass…?”

The 154th edition of the show will definitely be his last!

the speech? Is it Thomas Gottschalk (73) and his flag ship “Wetten, dass..?”.

The aging talk show host will run his last show in November. Gottschalk announced it himself on his Instagram channel.

“I thank the audience who have faithfully accompanied me throughout my life as a presenter. I look forward to hosting the show for the last time on this special occasion.”

And Gottschalk wanted to amend this alone, according to Bild. Co-coordinator Michelle Hunziker (46) on the bench?

But now, the TV giant is proposing even more conciliatory words on its Instagram page towards Michelle Hunziker.

“One or the other will miss them in my last issue (…). And you may have forgotten that I was the one who brought her into the show at the time. And that ZDF did not put her by my side as a night nurse.”

At the end of his letter, Thomas Gottschalk said: “Michael, if you read this, the invitation is there.”

Does Michelle Hunziker live up to Gottschalk’s reputation? The answer will be on November 25, when the last “Wetten, dass..?” Flash on ZDF…