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Gottmadingen: many bottlenecks in societies: Gottmadingen still creates space in kindergarten

Gottmadingen: many bottlenecks in societies: Gottmadingen still creates space in kindergarten

In Gottmadingen municipality, all children must continue to receive care from the various institutions. The Kindergarten Needs Plan 2022/2023 outlines this message. It also contains some buffer to accommodate children from Ukraine. The first families have already arrived in Gottmadingen with about 60 people. “But there will likely be more to come,” Mayor Michael Klinger explained at the last meeting of the Municipal Council’s Committee on Financial and Social Affairs.

So far, plans have always been made during his 16-year tenure,

“The plan for childcare needs is fully outlined. But we still have room.” Michael Klinger, Mayor of Gottmading | Photo: Tish, Sabine

When asked by Markus Brodhofer (Freie Whlergemeinschaft), he emphasized that often it seems that kindergartens and day care centers in Gottmadingen, Randegg and Bietingen counties can be very cramped. He had expressed doubts whether all children could be accepted. The reason: There is a lot of building activity in Gottmadingen with a lot of living space and the expected number of people moving in, especially young families. “We are growing slowly. That’s good. However, Gottmadingen municipality records almost as many citizens leaving than new arrivals. That’s between 600 and 800 per year,” the mayor revealed. “Many people leave their place of residence for professional reasons, because they have bought property in another municipality, or because they want to build a house,” says Klinger.

All service providers and kindergarten management participate

He commended the various sponsors and managers of childcare facilities. In fact, the groups should be curtailed for pedagogical reasons. However, this would not have allowed us to receive all the children. With acquiescence in reason and with great understanding from the kindergarten management, we have found pragmatic common solutions,” explained Klinger. He also referred to tense situations, such as in large county towns, where not all children can be cared for. Not to mention that they can choose their parents’ kindergarten.

Currently, kindergarten groups cannot be reduced. But for pedagogical reasons, this should remain the goal in the future. Kristen Graf, SPD municipality member | Photo: SK

He received the approval of Christa Hamill, head of the Catholic Kindergarten in St. Martin. “Many parents who want to move to Gottmadingen from other communities do not believe that they can easily get a place for the little ones in our kindergarten and can also choose from childcare options,” said Christa Hummel. “It is understood that the group cannot be reduced in size at the moment due to the tense situation. But we must not lose sight of this goal for pedagogical reasons,” stressed Kirsten Graf (SPD).

AWO Support Provides Relief

Department Chair Lisa Auer presented the plan of needs in all care facilities at the meeting. The new offer from Arbeiterwohlfahrt provides relaxation too. Two groups of mixed ages are expected from one year to school in the spring of 2023. It was initially designed as a temporary solution in containers of 30 spaces. Later as a permanent feature in the context of Quartier 2020, the redevelopment of the Eichendorff district. Day care is also important. The Day Care Association currently looks after 29 children from under one year old to schoolchildren. A nine-space day care center is currently under construction at the former Sparkas branch. In addition, there is support for students with a current number of 154 participants in primary schools in Gottmadingen, Randegg and Bietingen.

What about kindergarten workers? “We always have to fill vacancies, even the smallest ones. We are currently looking for a teacher for Randegg,” says Lisa Auer. “Regardless of the occupation, there has been a shortage of people everywhere for a long time,” Mayor Michael Klinger said.

baby care

Plan of requirements 2022/2023 for childcare in Gottmadingen with the districts of Bietingen and Randegg provides for the following occupancy: Catholic kindergarten 137, Protestant kindergarten 90, Tschen municipal kindergarten 75, Waldorf kindergarten 22, a total of 324 Catholic kindergarten Bietingen 50, kindergarten Children Biberburg Randegg 56. Care of young children (1 to 2 3/4 years): Kindergarten Tschen 30, Waldorf Kindergarten 5, 35 total in Gottmadingen; St. Raphael Bettingen Catholic Kindergarten 10 Piperburg Randig Kindergarten 10.