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Gotham Knights: Denuvo removed first, then added again

Gotham Knights: Denuvo removed first, then added again

Copy protection is not very well received among gamers in general, and arguably the most controversial candidate here is Denuvo. This often causes performance issues in games, which is why of course it wasn’t good news that Denuvo was also used in upcoming games. Resident Evil 4 remake has been used. The recently released Gotham Knights is also based on Denuvo, which is pretty much it anyway humble notes From the game certainly did not help.

Denuvo has been added back to the Gotham Knights after all

Some players who had difficulty getting the game to work surely were delighted when the first Gotham Knights patch arrived (Buy now / 53.99 € ) Among other things, Denuvo was simply removed. In addition to some bug fixes that increased the fun of the game among others reddit Some users are also pleased with this fact.

Unfortunately, what initially seemed to be a very good thing turned out to be wrong. It seems that the developers did not want to take Denuvo out of the game, because only a few hours later another small patch was released that enabled Denuvo again.