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Görlitzer Neugebauer celebrates his decathlon win, setting a German record

Görlitzer Neugebauer celebrates his decathlon win, setting a German record

With this achievement, Leo Neugebauer is also at the forefront of the Olympics. The Saxony native set a new German record in the United States. But he narrowly missed the magic point mark.

Görlitz native Leo Neugebauer improved his record in the German decathlon and confirmed his medal ambitions two months before the Olympic Games in Paris. At the US College Championships in Eugene, Oregon, the 23-year-old won in a landslide on Friday night (June 7, 2024) with 8,961 points — and just missed the magical 9,000-point mark. However, he improved the German record by 125 points.


“It's unbelievable. I can't describe what I feel. I can't put my thoughts into words,” Neugebauer said after his final competition at the University of Texas. He said he would have liked to break the 9,000-point mark. However, he did not have enough reserves in the final 1,500 meters on Thursday evening (local time). “I tried, I beat people. But there are other disciplines in which I can get points,” said the athlete from VfB Stuttgart.

Now she is aiming for an Olympic medal

Neugebauer made a big impression in the United States a year ago when he improved decathlon legend Jorgen Hingsen's old mark to 8,836 points. This year, Neugebauer improved 22-year-old Frank Bosman's national record in the heptathlon. “I've really put in a lot of work the last couple of years,” Neugebauer said of his time in Austin, and regarding the Olympics, he said, “I feel good.”

NeugaPower abandons EM

The first day went well for him, and Neugebauer continued to produce strong results on the second day. He needed 14.36 seconds for the 110-meter hurdles and threw the discus to a height of 57.70 meters on his first attempt. Like last year, Neugebauer achieved 5.21 meters in the pole vault. After a distance of 56.64 meters in the javelin, he finished the decathlon with a time of 4:44.61 minutes in the 1,500 metres. Neugebauer was born in Saxony, and studied and trained in Austin at the University of Texas. As for the American College Championship, he missed the European Championship in Rome, which started on Friday (June 7, 2024). The success in Eugene should also pay off in the Olympics. At the World Championships a year ago, Neugebauer, as leader, fell to fifth place after the first day.

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