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Görlitz: More space for tourism in Berzy

Görlitz: More space for tourism in Berzy

More space for tourism in Berzy

For decades, there has been a struggle over what should become a daily staple in the south of the lake. A move has now been taken for tourism.

A hotel is supposed to be built here – for a long time. Now it should be easier for Berzi investors.
© Nikolai Schmidt

He never wanted to reveal his name publicly. But he must stay on board: An investor in Görlitz plans to set up a hotel in the bunker in the south of Lake Berzdorf. It is assumed that such projects will be easier in the future near the Blue Lagoon, ie in the southwest of the lagoon.

The development plan was resolved at the last meeting of the Planning Association Berzdorfer See. It was decided to create a new one. Joachim Schulze of Alliance Greens is a member of the Planning Association in Görlitz. He explains that the development plan should include the areas of the previous day’s facilities. These are office buildings, workshops, kitchens or other properties that were once important to the Beersdorf mine. The objective of the new development plan is to define a clear use of everyday facilities in order to exclude conflicts.

Trade or tourism – the question has been for many years

It’s a very old problem that was discussed more than ten years ago under the mayor of Görlitz, Joachim Paulic, says Joachim Schulz. On the one hand, there was commercial use, with many companies setting up sites in everyday facilities. On the other hand, it was decided to use the lake for tourism. Pawlik said around 2009 that use conflicts should not be resolved at the expense of businesses and their functions.

Until then, the companies’ move was openly discussed. Six years later, in 2015, Pfalztechnik GmbH moved from day care facilities to Markersdorf. The steel construction company BMS also had a position in the daily facilities. The company no longer exists in that form today, it was dissolved two years ago and a new one was founded. There is still production in the lake, but on a smaller scale than before. Production there will be phased out in the future, and the remaining staff and tasks will then be integrated into the company’s second location in the southern part of Görlitz.

The lake is better developed now

Among the fundamental backgrounds of the new development plan is the fortified high-rise building, “there is also a plan to use it for tourism.” Joachim Schulze says the bunker was “cut” from current plans some time ago so the owner could get started. The new development plan should be clarified so that the whole area can work for tourism and other tourism and leisure activities can be established.

In addition, Tauchritzer Straße was built in 2017, which makes the lake, which has bypassed today’s facilities, easier and more accessible than it used to be. At that time, the municipality of Schönau-Berzdorf developed the Blue Lagoon as a whole, including three large car parks, and the media was moved.

The fact that all of this is absolutely necessary has something to do with an old problem in Görlitz: the city has an initial draft, but no final, viable land-use plan. In such a plan, the areas that the city intends to use for this purpose in the long run are determined. A land use plan is not mandatory. But if you don’t have one, you need a development plan for every construction project. In order to make progress at the Berzdorfer See, so-called structural framework plans have been drawn up since the late 1990s, most recently from 2010.