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GoPro Hero 11 Black (Mini) shows itself in the first photos

Is there a more compact and cheaper alternative?

Photo: WinFuture

GoPro is expected to release the Hero 11 Black this month, which will feature a new image sensor. However, it is likely that he will not remain only with this model, since the manufacturer apparently plans to introduce another product. This is supposed to be the Hero 11 Black Mini.

Traditionally, GoPro introduces the new Hero series action cameras in September each year. Accordingly, it is assumed that GoPro Hero 11 It will launch this month. The camera only recently appeared in the first leaked press photos published via WinFuture. In the pictures, the design is almost unchanged compared to Hero 10 Clear. Now there are pictures of another model. It is possible that this is GoPro Hero 11 Black Miniwhich should be more compact.

Photo: WinFuture

According to WinFuture, mini I dispense with the touch screen on the back. The second small view in the foreground can also be omitted. So the display and control should be done via a smartphone app. For this, the camera must Bluetooth connected to your smartphone. The smaller model like the Hero 10 Black seems to have a microphone, so a Voice control conceivable. This will also allow playback without a smartphone.

Photo: WinFuture

As of this writing, there are no known details about the camera sensor, lens, or battery size. However, the more compact design suggests that the battery could be slightly smaller. The omission of the screen should compensate for the low capacitance. Moreover, in the pictures heat sink Plus an extra bracket at the back.


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