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Google wants to improve data transparency in the Play Store - Netzwelt

Google wants to improve data transparency in the Play Store – Netzwelt

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Google wants to make developers more responsible and give more ideas about app data collection in the Play Store. The regulation is effective from now on and remains voluntary until July.

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Anyone who wants to download apps from the Google Play Store should now be able to better understand data processing.

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Hamburg (dpa/tmn). Since April 26, Google users have a new feature when they want to download apps in the Play Store. Like the company in a press release He writes, In the area of ​​data security, developers have since been able to provide more information about the extent to which the app collects, passes, and protects user data. The functionality remains optional for developers until July 20, after which it becomes mandatory.

Once the functionality in the application has been updated or the data collection has made changes, the developers must adapt the information in the data security section. When asked, Google checks whether developers are actually entering this data “using systems and processes that are constantly improving”. Issues with developers should be resolved and misrepresentations corrected.

According to the company, the introduction is in response to user feedback and app developers. They asked for more information and context on how the data would be processed. Users should now be able to see: the purpose of data collection, disclosure to third parties, protection of user data by application developers, compliance with family-friendly content guidelines, and compliance with global standards for security measures.

This should enable users to more transparently see what data they have to disclose in the Google Play Store – and whether the app needs it at all.

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