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Google updates ringtones for Pixel phonesهواتف

Google updates ringtones for Pixel phonesهواتف

The latest Android 12 beta also included a previously unmentioned upgrade for some ringtones. Presumably, these are the new standards for current and future Pixel phones. Google is revising its ringtones so they now sound softer and less like “classic” ringtones. It’s more organic and seems less annoying to me personally.

Alarm tone, ringtone and notification tone are new

The standard alarm clock sound (New Start) is now not only twice as long, it’s also less bright and softer in the ears. Google is also redesigning the ringtone for incoming calls and notification sound. All sounds have new names, but they sound very similar structurally to their predecessors. So we assume that these are new standards.

For example, you can visit your colleagues See the post And listen to new sounds. Or you with the new Android 12 Beta 3 On the go, you already have the new ringtones on your pixel phone. Except for Calls’ New Adventure, the download unfortunately hasn’t worked here yet. founder and acting president, has been blogging here and only here since 2008. All inquiries are to me, in the comments or via linked networks.
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