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Google takes action against financial fraud

US technology group Google wants action against financial fraud on its sites in the UK.

Brief essentials

  • Beginning in September, all ads coming in on social media should be checked for fraud.
  • The Financial Guidance Commission has implemented financial guidelines for this.
  • The head of the central bank also wants to shut down websites due to financial fraud.

From September 6, 2021, new guidelines following the requirements of the Financial Conduct Commission (FCA) will come into effect: All ads Should be tested for potential fraud.

The UK financial regulator issued more than 1,200 consumer warnings last year. Consumer warnings about scams being promoted by companies on social media sites, which is more than double that of 2019.

Federal Reserve Chairman Andrew Bailey was contacted Government Used for this, it is a legal obligation For Internet companies To introduce. He wants to too Web sites Disable with financial fraud.

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