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Google sets the date for its web developer conference for May

Google sets the date for its web developer conference for May

Last year, the Google I / O developer conference completely failed due to Corona, and this year the event will be ported to the internet.

Google is also taking its developer conference online in light of the ongoing Corona pandemic. The online version of Google I / O will run from May 18-20, as the internet company has now announced. Last year, Google skipped the I / O conference and limited it to a few digital presentations.

Big tech companies have traditionally used their conferences with several thousand developers and journalists involved to introduce new products and give a futuristic look at future strategy. But Corona made the meeting impossible recently.

Meanwhile, Apple will hold the WWDC Developers Conference in an online format for the second year in a row. With a June 7-11 runtime, it should last several days as normal. Facebook has shortened the internet version of the F8 developer conference to one day this year. Should be done on June 2nd.

As the first major event in the tech industry since the start of the pandemic, the Mobile World Congress is still scheduled to take place in Barcelona at the end of June. The organizers want to gather more than 40,000 participants. Several well-known models such as Ericsson and Nokia as well as Facebook and Google, among others, have already been canceled.