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Google pushes the update to AOSP - no version for Pixel models

Google pushes the update to AOSP – no version for Pixel models

Google is splitting the Android 12 release. Contrary to expectations, the company has not released a major OS update for its Pixel smartphones, but only pushed the source code to AOSP. According to Google, this is the official version.

The confusion about the release version of the new operating system is complete. While in the past few weeks it was supposed to be the final version of Android 12 It will appear on the 4th of October and will be the new owner of the Pixel smartphone at the beginning Material You Design And receiving additional features over the air update, Google is going very differently this year.

Android 12: AOSP first, Pixel later

Like the company in one Blog post Declares, initially, only Android 12 source code will be fed to the Android Open Source Program, AOSP for short. This gives developers and manufacturers full access to the open source portion of the new OS version. In previous years, the update for Pixel devices was published at the same time as the release in AOSP.

According to Google’s head of development Dave Burke, this move corresponds to the official release of Android 12; So the addon “beta” has already been removed from the developer’s website. Users should keep an eye out for the next update that will be released for Pixel devices in the coming weeks. But also devices from SamsungAnd Oneplus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo, and Xiaomi will all be updated to Android 12 later this year.

Android 12 will remain in the fifth beta until the final version

With the release in AOSP, though, Google hasn’t released an additional update for Pixel devices Fifth beta It still contains one error or the other. Google advises developers about Developer site To continue using the current fifth beta until the final release. We can’t expect another beta, but we do expect the final update to be distributed over the air soon.

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Material You – Android 12 comes with a new design. (Image: Google)

According to Google, 225,000 users tested pre-release versions on Pixel and hardware partner devices, and provided the company with 50,000 bug reports.

In the current blog post, Google highlights some of the new Android 12 features. Starting with the new Material-You user interface, which the company refers to as “Material Design 3,” followed by redesigned widgets and updates to the notification UI. And much more.

Android 12 could debut with Pixel 6. (Image: Google)

In light of the fact that Google will not release Android 12 for current Pixel models with AOSP, the suspicion is that the major update will coincide with New Pixel 6 models is posted. Devices are expected in mid/late October.

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