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Google Play System Update – What’s New in April 2022

Since this year, Google publishes all the information about google play system update on his website. Here are the April 2022 innovations.

Google Play System April 2022 Update – Improvements & Bug Fixes

Google Play System Update or Google System Update are automatically downloaded and installed from the Play Store, mostly without you even noticing. The installation will not complete until you restart your smartphone once.

On Support site Are innovations now for April 2022 to exist:

critical corrections

  • [Auto, Telefon, Tablet, TV, Wear OS] Bug fixes related to security, privacy, system management services, and diagnostics. [1][2]

Google Play Store

  • Improvements have been made to the Play While Downloading feature to allow players to start playing mobile games, while downloading the app further reduces wait times. [3]
  • New features to help you discover your favorite apps and games. [3]
  • Improvements that allow for faster and more reliable downloads and installations. [3]
  • New features for Play Pass and Play Points. [3]
  • Google Play billing improvements. [3]
  • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to protect your device. [3]
  • Various performance improvements, bug fixes, and improvements related to security, stability, and accessibility. [3]

system administration

  • System management services updates that improve device connectivity, network usage, stability, security, and scalability. [1][2]

Developer Services

  • New capabilities for developers for Google and third-party app developers to support ads, accessibility, analytics, diagnostics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and privacy and security developer services in their apps. [2]

[1] Available via Google Play system April update.
[2] Available via Google Play Services v22.12 updated on 04/01/2022.
[3] Available via Google Play Store v29.9 updated on 04/01/2022.