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Schluss - Google Fotos bietet bald keinen kostenlosen Speicher mehr

Google Photos offers a tool to get rid of limited memory

In the coming week, you will definitely run out of unlimited storage in Google Photos. The group now offers at least one tool for scanning unusable photos.

The basics are in brief

  • Unlimited storage in Google Photos will be discontinued within exactly one week.
  • The company officially announced this change last fall.
  • To manage the soon-to-be limited memory, Google launches its own tool.

In a world of powerful cameras on smartphones, many consumers rely on a cloud solution. A popular program for this is Google Photos, as there was previously unlimited storage here. However, this will work Officially changing as of next week.

Google helps sort photos

There was always a data limit of 15 GB for full-resolution photos before paying. This limit is now offered for “high quality” compressed images.

In order to use this 15 gigabyte as efficiently as possible, the search engine engine offers Now a handy tool. This sorts the blurry or jittery photos so that they can be deleted.

The data limit applies only to photos uploaded after June 1, 2021. All of the above data In the app they can still be kept for free.

Only those who have still owned a Google Pixel since 2016 will continue to take advantage of the unlimited storage options. Latest Pixel devices received Unlimited memory for compressed recordings. Offer will also be restricted to future Google phones.

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