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Google Maps Update: A useful new feature introduced quietly and discreetly

Google Maps has introduced a new feature that was previously unnoticed. Read here the update thread for the popular app.

Google has quietly and discreetly integrated a new feature into its Map Maps service. It’s about using the app.

You can now hide all maps controls by swiping up over the search bar. Users will only see the map itself. Previously, this was possible by clicking on an empty area of ​​the map.

Quietly and discreetly: Google adapts the Maps service

Google Maps users can look forward to a new feature.

Photo: Chip/Denis Loginov

If you now click on an empty area, the coordinates for this position will be displayed immediately. Users can then view different routes there as usual or save the location. Google itself did not mention the change anywhere and rolled it out without notice.

Google always releases new maps functionality. Only recently was a practical improvement announced to many motorists. You can read more about this here.

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