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Google Maps ceases its practical function – and this is especially bitter for drivers

Google Maps ceases its practical function – and this is especially bitter for drivers

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Many drivers use Google Maps to improve navigation. However, this useful and popular feature will be discontinued in the future.

Kassel – Google Assistant can be used to find information or complete small tasks while driving. Previously, drivers could ask the software in Google Maps a question without typing – meaning they wouldn't be distracted. But the job should be a thing of the past.

Google Assistant is no longer available on Google Maps

The in-house voice assistant called Google Assistant was introduced seven years ago. Since the beginning of 2024, many of the previous voice assistant functions have been deleted. Google has stated that the company wants to focus on core functionality. Google said in explaining this step: “We are removing some unused features in Google Assistant to focus on providing the best possible user experience.”

Google Maps is used by many drivers for navigation. However, the popular feature will be discontinued in February. © Bihlmayerfotografie/Imago (avatar)

Therefore, Google announced that the driving mode for Google Assistant will be discontinued from February 2024. This was confirmed by a banner on the main screen of Google Maps: “This offer will no longer be shown in February.” With Driving Mode, introduced in 2019, drivers can enjoy an improved user interface in Google Maps. Features such as voice control, playing audio content, and making calls while driving will become a thing of the past. However, recently a new functionality has appeared for Google Maps.

Google Assistant offers a variety of functions

how It was reported that the feature in Google Maps was discontinued on February 1, at least not on all devices. However, the driving mode is expected to disappear from the software later this month. As long as driving mode is available, it can be activated in Google Maps by tapping the four square button in the lower right corner.

The removal of Google Assistant's driving mode is another change in a series of innovations on Android. Google had already discontinued Android Auto for phones, and shortly after that the assistive driving control panel was removed as well. Many users on social media were not enthusiastic about the changes: “It's driving me crazy. I thought maybe the update broke this. “I can no longer even write to Assistant or have a message read to me,” complains one Reddit user. (almost)