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Google launched a nuclear program against Roku by adding YouTube TV to the main YouTube app

Google launched a nuclear program against Roku by adding YouTube TV to the main YouTube app

A week after the negotiations collapsed Spread to the publicGoogle and Roku still can’t reach an agreement to renew YouTube TV’s presence on the massive streaming platform. In the meantime, Google has come up with an alternative solution: It allows users to access YouTube TV directly from the main YouTube app.

YouTube users will see the “Go to YouTube TV” option on the main YouTube app over the next few days. If they choose, they will be converted to the standard YouTube TV user experience. This option applies to Roku devices first – where it is most needed right now – but it will also be available on other YouTube platforms.

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Essentially, Google has crafted the YouTube TV app within YouTube itself, which is a solution that probably won’t make Roku very happy. In a statement on Friday afternoon, Roku described Google as “an unchecked monopoly” and criticized Google’s decision to bundle services as an example of its “predatory business practices.”

Here’s Roku’s full explanation:

Google’s actions are the overt behavior of an uncontrolled monopoly aimed at suppressing fair competition and harming consumer choices. The YouTube Group announcement highlights the type of aggressive business practices Google uses that are being investigated by Congress, prosecutors, and regulators around the world. Roku didn’t ask YouTubeTV for another $ 1 cash back. We just asked Google to stop the anti-competitive behavior of manipulating search results by users to gain a unique financial advantage and stop demanding access to sensitive data that no other partner gets on our platform today. In response, Google continued its practice of largely using its YouTube monopoly to force an independent company into a business that harms consumers and harms fair competition.

Google says it “is still working to reach an agreement with Roku to provide our subscribing customers with continuous access to YouTube TV,” and states that the YouTube TV app is intended for those who have already installed it, and that it can still be used.

However, when things fall apart completely, Google says, “Talking to other partners is about securing free streaming devices in case YouTube TV members have problems accessing Roku.” A Google spokesman said the edge This solution is only intended for YouTube TV consumption. Customers cannot currently sign up for new subscriptions through the YouTube app.

Google also said today that it is “in long-term discussions with Roku to confirm that the new hardware meets our technical requirements,” and this is further confirmation that the company insists that device manufacturers support the AV1 decoder – implementing:

This certification process is designed to ensure a consistent, high-quality YouTube experience across devices including the Google device. So you know how to navigate the app and what to expect. We will continue our good faith conversations with Roku about certification in defense of our mutual customers.

Roku has argued that Google’s requirements are unreasonable and will lead to higher prices for its products. The company is sure to respond to Google’s latest moves in no time. So keep in touch to see if this gap is getting worse.

May 7 Update 3:20 PM ET: The article has been updated to include comment from Roku.