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Google is stuffing AI into all of the products

Google seems to be feeling so pressured by Microsoft and its rapid success with Bing and ChatGPT AI technologies that it is now panicking and trying to power all important products with “generative AI”.


Microsoft and OpenAI: New Directive for AI at Google

Like the US Economic Service bloomberg You mentioned that Google recently issued a new internal directive, in the context of which an attempt is now being made to provide all critical products with AI functionality as soon as possible, such as those used in ChatGPT by OpenAI and Microsoft products that work with it.

Videos about OpenAI

Google is said to be targeting those products that have more than 1 billion users. The AI ​​technology will be installed in all of these services within a few months so you don’t lose touch with Microsoft. Google recently indicated that, for example, YouTube creators will soon be able to wear different virtual clothes with the help of AI technology.

Doubt among developers

An internal source at Google has been quoted as saying that they are currently throwing “noodles on the wall,” so to speak. In practice, one tries to follow as wide a range of methods as possible in order to eventually be successful at least in certain areas. While many developers at Google remain skeptical about the new strategy, some are hopeful that they will soon be able to play a bigger role in long-running, specialized AI projects, they say.

However, for now, Google is in danger of being left behind as Microsoft and OpenAI, the startup behind ChatGPT, which is backed by a multi-billion euro Redmond-based company, are bringing all of the public’s attention to AI. Web technologies such as chatbots and interactive search. According to the report, the “red alert” announced months ago should lead to widespread introduction of AI functionality in several Google products, even if those features don’t have a long life.


  • Google panics about Microsoft’s success in artificial intelligence technologies
  • Internal guidance: AI capabilities in products with over 1 billion users
  • Install AI technology in a few months so you don’t lose touch
  • Google casts “spaghetti on the wall” for success
  • Skepticism among developers and hope in artificial intelligence projects
  • This “red alert” is leading to widespread adoption of AI capabilities
  • There is no long service life of the possible features

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