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Google is improving the scanner with Android 13

Google is improving the scanner with Android 13

Android 13 will be Google’s new operating system. In addition to many improvements, it will also be easier to read the QR code.

The basics in brief

  • Google will build its own QR code scanner in the new operating system.
  • The function is displayed in the preview.

With the new operating system Android 13 builds Google various new features the end. There is already a QR code scanner in Google Lens. However, Google is now integrating its own system into its own operating system.

In addition to improvements and new functions, a new QR code scanner will also be introduced. In the preview stage of Android 13, Google is already showing a lot of new update. The new scanner is distinguished by its quick response in the preview. This can be called up via quick settings.

Android 13 Developer Preview 2 introduces a new QR code scanner.

The second developer preview shows how the scanner can be used. The URL behind the QR code opens in one tab. If the icon contains only information, this will be shown without another tab. However, the function cannot be used in the lock screen.

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