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Google improves AI overviews after ridiculous recommendations

Google improves AI overviews after ridiculous recommendations

Google's new AI overview is no longer aimed at answering very silly questions – for example those about how many stones you can eat every day. The program has been modified to take into account less sarcasm and jokes, search engine head Liz Read wrote in a blog post. We should also use less user-generated content, such as forum posts, if they may lead to misleading advice.

AI-generated overviews aim to give users a more detailed answer to many search queries rather than just a series of web links. Google rolled out this feature widely in the United States in May. But shortly thereafter, embarrassing and even annoying errors in the program spread online.

It was said in one of the “AI Insights” that scientists recommended eating at least one small stone per day. The source was a satirical article from the satirical website The Onion. Based on a joke on the online Reddit platform, it has also been recommended that the cheese be glued to the pizza using “non-toxic glue.”

In a blog post on Thursday, Google attributed this, among other things, to the fact that it led to some unusual search queries such as “How many stones should I eat per day?” Don't give really serious answers. The program has filled this knowledge gap by providing access to satire. Google tested this functionality extensively before rolling it out widely — but nothing compares to millions of users trying out new search queries.

Meanwhile, some alleged AI overviews circulating online were fake. It is expected that this functionality will be rolled out to other countries by the end of the year. Many website owners and media outlets worry that Google's AI summaries will attract fewer people to them.

That's why your business is suffering. Google counters that there is actually more traffic to information sources that end up in overviews. How things go with the rest has remained unclear so far.