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Google I / O 2021 – Teaser for the start of tomorrow’s developer conference

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Google I / O 2021 will launch a free virtual edition. So, Google shared two teasers featuring a virtual photo box and clip with Olympic champ Simon Biles.

Google I / O 2021

It was already there last week Signs of a special surprise In I / O. a big box stunned with Dash mascots (for Flutter), Sparky (for Firebase), Dino (for Chrome), and Android (as a Jetpack variant).

The video ran on Friday. All mascots press a button on the console. Only the dinosaur has such a slight problem accessing the button with its short arms that it eventually uses its tail for this.

After everyone presses the button, the box opens and takes out a virtual photo box, in which you can take an “epic selfie” with all the mascots. It would likely act as a surrogate for the fact that it is not possible to take photos in front of the sign at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View this year as well.

Moreover, Google announced that Olympic Champion Simon Biles will be guest appearing on the keynote. The clip shows her taking photos with a Pixel phone. At the end of the clip you can read: “You will flip when you see this”.

On I / O will be news Around Android 12, MadebyGoogle, Google Assistant, WearOS, Flutter, Firebase, Chrome OS, KI, AR-Core, Google Pay and many more.