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Google has to put roughly $392 million into the US economy

Google has to put roughly $392 million into the US economy

– This is about location data from users that Google has collected without consent. There is now a huge fine for this in the United States.

Google pays nearly $392 million after US investigation into misleading claims about privacy In the investigation, prosecutors in 40 states concluded that Google continued to collect location data from users after users opted out.

The $391.5 million (about 379 million euros) will be divided between states, according to a statement from New York Attorney General Letitia James on Monday.

Prosecutors criticized the fact that Google gave users the option to refuse to store their location data. However, they were not informed that Google Apps also collect location data automatically.

In the agreement with the attorney general, Google also committed to better informing users about their location data collection and ways to turn it off. A Google spokesperson told the New York Times that the investigation involved procedures that were changed years ago.