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Google has reworked the design of the car system

Google has reworked the design of the car system

Android Auto gets a new design from Google. They want to revise the UI to improve the controls.

The basics in brief

  • Google has overhauled the design of Android Auto.
  • Split screen is now possible for all display sizes.

Google has announced a new design for Android Auto. The in-vehicle system has completely revised its user interface.

With the update, Google wants to focus specifically on The most important functions Location: navigation, media and communications. These are the features most used by drivers.

Google Auto wants to increase productivity

In general, the goal is to increase the productivity and efficiency of the vehicle. Google Assistant provides contextual suggestions. It is relatively easy to share access time with friends or reply messages are crafted automatically. The system is supposed to produce musical suggestions.

The trailer shows the new features of Android Auto.

With the update, you can split screen in Android Auto on any screen – regardless of size. So you have to No longer returns to start menuTo navigate to the desired target application. The goal is to get the driver’s eyes off the road as little as possible.

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