The slim alternative to YouTube Go will be discontinued. The app won’t be available from August – because, according to YouTube, it’s no longer needed. Users now only have to switch to the larger YouTube app.

YouTube Go will be discontinued in August 2022

According to an announcement by Google, YouTube Go will not be available from August 2022. This was intended Small alternative to the main app For users of older mobile phones with rather weak hardware. also in bad communication YouTube Go was able to distinguish itself with better performance in comparison. The app itself is only 10MB in size.

According to its own data, since Go launched in 2016 A series of performance improvements It was created for the main application, which makes the Go variant somewhat obsolete today (source: Youtube). Even with smartphones with poor hardware and poor connectivity, the main app should now look a lot better.

It is also recommended to switch from YouTube Go to YouTube as some functions are not available with the Go version. You can only comment on videos and upload content in the main app. In addition to YouTube Go does not offer its own dark mode.

YouTube Go was initially available in India and Indonesia before it was rolled out in beta to the general public in 2017. Then, in 2018, the YouTube Go app went nationwide Launched in more than 130 countries.

Another recommended YouTube alternative is YouTube Vanced:

After YouTube Go: Will Android Go also disappear?

YouTube Go’s farewell now raises questions everywhere Android Go employment. Much like the lightweight YouTube variant, File LOWERED VERSION OF ANDROID It is being discontinued in the future for the same reasons. However, Google has not yet commented on this.